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Cold Therapy With Warm Comfort
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ThermaRISE works because it applies hot-cold at the same time directly to your spine.
It helps to relieve back pain because it provides a pumping mechanism for blood circulation to flush out toxins. The heat dilates the vessels and the cold constricts them, blocking pain while decreasing inflammation.

I want people to feel good, be motivated to exercise and this product does that.
Back surgery recovery and pain treatments will always include stretching and exercising. After testing ThermaRISE I worked out a special introductory price for our Facebook followers and patients.
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"Purposefully designed to deliver Cold Therapy With Warm Comfort"
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"I’ve been following Dr. G on Facebook for a year, he and his 8K followers always has good info for back pain sufferers. Thanks guys, AWESOME PRODUCT."
- James Redmond
"I work at a computer all day so to relieve my back pain I was using an electric heating pad which left my back red and irritated. It was only after searching Amazon for hot and cold therapy products I found ThermaRISE.  If you have back pain I highly recommend it."
- Katelynn Sears
"Who knew applying hot and cold to your spine would work this well! I normally apply hot and cold all over my back with wraps and cold packs trying to get relief. This product applies the exact amount of hot and cold to the right place,
- Jeanette Brodericks
"Handcrafted in the USA"
ThermaRISE For Back Pain
  • Heat Therapy - Heat therapy works by improving circulation and blood flow to a particular area due to increased temperature. Increasing the temperature of the afflicted area will soothe discomfort and increase muscle flexibility.
  • Cold Therapy - Cold therapy is also known as cryotherapy. It works by reducing blood flow to a particular area reducing inflammation and swelling that causes pain. When cold is appled nerve activity is reduced helping with sciatic pain.
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